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About us

GEOGRUNT specializes in geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical surveys. We test soil intended for setting of volume buildings, line building objects and atypical buildings. We provide advice concerning setting methods, design drainage of foundation trenches with the use of wells and needle filters, calculate underground water reserves, exploitation water intake reserves and natural aggregate reserves.

  • GeoGrunt - VSS survey

    GeoGrunt - VSS survey

  • Drill on the vehicle

    Drill on the vehicle

  • Drill at work

    Drill at work

  • Dynamic plate survey

    Dynamic plate survey

We carry out documentation in order to evaluate soil and groundwater conditions for buildings, roads, telecommunication masts, hypermarkets and other industrial and atypical objects.

We check density of landfill and native soil with the use of dynamic probe SD-10 (DPL) in order to establish density degree ID and density factor IS.

We check bearing capacity of building ground and foundation with the use of static (VSS) and dynamic (ZFG) plates in order to determine deformation modulus.

We determine the degree of contamination of soil and groundwater with petroleum derivatives, polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates WWA, aromatic carbohydrates BTEX, heavy metals and asbestos for post-industrial grounds and commercial building lots.

We carry out aquatic legal surveys for water installations, underwater intakes, discharge of sewage, precipitation and melting water into the ground and water for bridges and culverts.

We hold necessary permits to carry out designs of geological works, geological, hydrogeological and engineering documentation and to manage and supervise geological works on the site.

We provide documentation in English.

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