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    Engineering geology and hydrogeology

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    Geologia inżynierska i hydrogeologia

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    Obsługa geologiczna zakładów górniczych i dokumentowanie złóż kopalin

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    Geological service for wind farms

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    Geologiczna obsługa budów i farm wiatrowych

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    Environment protection

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    Oceny zanieczyszczenia gruntu i wody, oceny ryzyka powodziowego

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    Domy jednorodzinne i przydomowe oczyszczalnie ścieków

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    Uprawnienia geologiczne i górnicze


  • VSS survey

    VSS survey

  • Dynamic plate survey

    Dynamic plate survey

Geotechnical documentation, expertise and analysis for determining ground and water conditions of areas intended for investment projects, building or purchase in order to establish the best methods of safe and economical foundation design.

Geotechnical surveys, small diameter and non-invasive geotechnical drilling in order to evaluate ground and water conditions and establish geotechnical conditions for settlement of dwelling and industrial buildings, roads, railroads of all geotechnical categories.

Geotechnical acceptances of construction sites, trenches, embankments, sand beds and backfills; examination of subsoil and road/railroad foundations.

Dynamic probing of native and landfill soil with the use of probes: DPL (SD-10), ITBZW,), DPSH, SLVT, Examining bearing capacity of landfill ground with the use of static (VSS) and dynamic (VD) plates; determining deformation modulus and deformation factors for roads, car parks and squares.

Evaluating of physical, chemical and endurance properties of the ground. Determining of suitability of the ground for construction purposes; laboratory and on-site testing.

Determining of CBR factor, sand factor, optimal humidity with Proctor apparatus. Establishing data necessary for foundation designing according to Polish Standards and British Standards 5930 and EUROKOD 7.

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